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Beginner’s Guide to Self-Hosting Resume Website

Beginner’s Guide to Self-Hosting Resume Website


Creating a kind of web site resume for you should not be difficult or too extravagant. You can just simply choose to go with several professional nameplate sites that offer you the necessary features to make your web site where you can all combine your business cards, email address and other important information about you. This is a great location for visitors to learn more about your skills, talents and capabilities. In fact, when someone sees your online resume web site, they can easily contact and who knows they might be offering you instant work, connections and other business opportunities.


With the fast pace of the advancement in network and technology, the only thing that is your arsenal is not your resume. Yes, you’ve read it right your resume today can never be your tool to attract more connections.


As time has passed, owning a resume has become boring. Experts usually tell students follow the guidelines in writing your resume, from the size of the font, type of font, line spacing, etc. Everyone follows that traditional resume writing. But, today it has become outdated at times. In reality, you cannot really define yourself with those strict guidelines.


Using a resume when searching for jobs becomes static and old the moment you submit it to hiring officers. Further, you can’t easily update it when you’ve already handed it to them. This is the reason why a personal website is necessary.


What’s the difference with a personal website and a resume


Resume and a personal website is totally different from each other. All things that make your resume completely awful can be changed, altered and fixed just by owning a website.


Reasons for creating your own website

Before anything else, it’s important to know why you need to create your own website. If you don’t identify the reasons of why to own a personal site, you’ll end up falling apart without you knowing. Here are some of the vital aspects why one needs to build a self-hosting resume website.


  1. Makes you dynamic

Owning a website makes you a dynamic candidate for any job position. It can never be static just like a resume. If changes and updates are needed, you don’t need to print on a printer just to see the changes. Updating of your website can attract more people to view your website and increase the chance of getting hired, close a deal and many more.


  1. You can easily be searched

Opting for a conventional resume makes it harder for you by handing it out to numerous job hiring companies, and it becomes more expensive with the cost of transportation and the cost of mass printing of new resumes. However, if you have a personal website it is easier and convenient for someone to look for you and find your information.


Owning a website allows a wide array of viewers to see your information through the internet. But, be sure to establish who you are and highlight all accomplishments, skills and talents you acquire.


  1. Make yourself stand out

Yes, there are also people like you who have considered the use of personal website to showcase their skills. That’s why if you want to succeed in a world filled with millions of people just like you, make yourself stand out from the rest. Show everyone how you can do something that most people cannot do.


  1. Show your top skills

Every day you learn and discover new things, skills and talents that you can use in the long run. Just learning how to create a simple website can be your top skill in attracting more viewers, potential employers and business partners.


  1. Flaunt your experiences

Each time you gain an experience, publish it immediately on your website. This is a perfect spot for sharing your experiences using texts and photos you are in. Further, this is also a great way to promote your website on what you are capable of.


How to start with your self-hosted resume website


First things first, you need to have some basic internet researching skills to go ahead. Follow the easy steps in creating your very own resume website:


  • Acquire a domain name and web hosting for your preferred resume website. You need to choose some name for your website that is easy to remember and not much of fancy names.
  • Create your first webpage using the WordPress. This is among the easiest and most convenient web making tool available. Publishing your content can be very easy here as there is no need of any coding or programming knowledge at all.
  • Choose theme that will showcase your character. If you’re simple, you can choose a minimalistic design. Or you can go for a more responsive design. Whichever you choose, this as well doesn’t need any coding genius to install.
  • Customize your personal website’s security, speed, and responsive tools by using custom plugins and widgets that can be easily install through copy pasting. Again, no codes or programming expert is needed to install this to your website.
  • Create realistic content, never fake it and off you go. You have made it to the end. Just continue to research and learn how to make it improve and more enhanced.





Things to ponder


This does not only provided you the reasons on why to create your self-hosted resume website, it also offered you why not owning a website is not important.

But, with this it opened your mind how not owning a personal website can draw you back professionally.


With the rise of competitions in and around the internet, whatever career you choose, it is always better to stand out from the rest. Yes you have created your personal website, but it doesn’t stop there. You need to have the right references, legit experiences and proficient skills and talents to boost your way up among other candidates.


Since you already started you self-hosting resume website, it’s now high time to keep the balls rolling and get some viewers to your website.









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