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Dressing for an Interview

Dressing for an Interview


Congratulations! You’ve landed a job interview. Now comes the part where you have to give it all you’ve got and nail the interview so you have the best chances of getting the job! Acing an interview is not always the easiest thing, but there are steps you can take in order to better your chances.


One thing that every recruiter notices right at the beginning of an interview is how you’re dressed. What you wear to an interview can tell them a lot about who you are and how serious you are about the job. Here are some tips on how you should be dressing for an interview.


Determine the Dress Code

Not all establishments have the same dress code and require the same level of dressiness.  Some require suits and others only expect very casual attire. Before heading into any interview, make sure you either research the dress code or even ask someone at the company what you should be wearing.


Be Comfortable

Whatever you wear to an interview you should absolutely be comfortable in. When you’re comfortable you’ll be much happier and more at ease with yourself. This will lead to you better answering questions and having a more confident air about you. Wearing clothes that are uncomfortable will show on your face and in your interview, potentially costing you the job.


Wear Appropriate Shoes

If you’re going into a job interview for a management position at a retail store, you won’t want to show up in 6 inch heels. This just doesn’t make any sense with the job itself. Many people forget about their shoes when dressing for an interview. You should be sure that you’re not only wearing comfortable shoes, but that they look professional, as well. Showing up in business clothes and then sneakers will make you look like you’re not taking the opportunity seriously.


Don’t Forget about Your Accessories!

Accessories can actually help or hurt your chances of getting the job. If you wear too much it can make your interviewer get distracted really easily. However, wearing too little can look a little boring. Another way it can actually help is if you have a class ring, sports ring, or something with a great story. This can lead to a conversation that makes you look better and will open you up to the interviewer so they get a better feel of your personality.


Show Your Personality Through Your Outfit

The best way to show your interviewer who you are at a first glance is through your clothes. Wear something that shows who you are and still keeps you looking professional at the same time. Wear some fun colors, throw on a fun hat (take it off when inside, of course), or even wear some fun socks that can be seen when you sit down. Your interviewer wants to not only know your skills, but know you as a person, too.


Dressing for your interview is as important as knowing to answer the interviewer's question.
Dressing for your interview is as important as knowing to answer the interviewer’s questions.


Dressing for an interview isn’t always the hardest thing. As long as you follow these few tips, you’ll wear what’s appropriate and that will help your chances of getting the job!









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