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Best practices to score your dream job

Best practices to score your dream job


Without a doubt, one of the hardest aspects in life is attaining our dreams – this is why it’s a dream, right? Well, if you are looking for an easy way to start changing up your ideology so you can work towards that dream job, this is the place to get started.

In this quick guide you should find it easy to see the little alterations you can make to maximize your chances of actually being involved within the selection process for the job that you want most in this world.

To help you get over this, you should almost certainly start to plan out the best practices to score your dream job right away as without them it can be almost impossible to hit the mark that you were hoping for.


Search outside the Box

Some people, when looking for a job, will only look on job sites to try and find a job. The problem is that you are looking for a job here and not a career – your dream job is actually the career you desire. Start looking outside of basic websites and start getting onto places like LinkedIn to start looking at jobs that could be open. Take 30 minutes per night to look into companies you would love to be a part of and find out what their typical recruitment process is.


Jobs are not only available online or any specific place. Go out there and do some rounds of searching/asking.
Jobs are not only available online or any specific place. Go out there and do some rounds of searching/asking.


Create a Cover Letter

When you write a cover letter for your dream job it should sound like you – not the word processor. Always have a little bit of humor or character in there as people like to hire individuals, not robots. Throw in some easy to read bullet points that will sell your story more proactively, as well, ensuring that you don’t need to fall behind or confuse anyone as to what you are trying to say.


Network with Social Media

Go an interest in working in a specific field? Then start talking to people in this field on social media. Whether its big name “celebs” within your niche or just interested parties, it can help to befriend people in this field. When you do decide to try and move into that field it will be much easier if you can rely upon the advice and the help of others along the way, ensuring you never need to miss out or put yourself in a position whereby you have nobody to ask for help.

I have once read an article published on Medium  about this particular guy that had the opportunity to go and sit down with all top bosses of a big cooperation because he has the gut to write a letter to the CEO, however not about asking for a job nor an offer, he asked the CEO for his advice. In the meeting, he sat there between all these people and the CEO asked “Do you know why I reply to your letter?”. Of course the man had no idea to response so the CEO answered “Because out of those thousands letter sent to me, you were the first one ever asking me for my advice.”

People love giving you advice whether it is about life, love or work. So always ask and be prepared for the response. Seeking advice not only improve your knowledge but also potentially giving you a network of influential people.   


social network
Having contact and acknowledge of people related to your field would help you go through thousand miles of hard work.

Follow Up

So you sent away that application for your dream job – good for you! However, most people don’t hear back from their dream jobs which can be hard to take. So you make sure you can get an answer (even a no) you should definitely consider following up with a little e-mail or phone call. It shows interest and will make you move up the mental listing that the bosses may be looking for. You may not get it today but your persistence might help you get that job in the future if you continue to ask.

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